We are happy to announce an opportunity for you to organize and run your very own
Pro-Play Tour invitational qualifier!


PPG Players Invitational Qualifiers are designed to attract players into your store and help stores build communities, while spreading the awareness of Pro-Play Tour themed events and our 2021 PPG Players Invitational in Miami, FL March 5th-6th.


2021 PPG Players Invitational Qualifiers events can be organized during November through January. All Events must be reported by January 31st to allow sufficient time for invites to be reflected before the Players Invitational March 5th-6th.


PPG Players Invitational Qualifier kits will be open to all Stores, Tournament Organizers, and players. 


Please keep in mind that your event has to be professionally organized and the final standings submitted to PPG in order for them to be included for our PPG Players Invitational.


Once the kit has been purchased, we will email you with directions that you can follow to run an official PPG IQ event. Make a Facebook event and co-host Pro-Play Tour for assistance in advertising, once we receive that link we will add your store logo and link on our website which will then redirect players interested in the event to your event. If you have any questions please contact us


Playmat only available in premium kit.