Pro-Play Games
1405 SW 107 AVE STE. 202C

Miami, FL 33174


Day 1 - Saturday - June 5th, 2020
Registration: 10AM-10:45AM
Round 1 Start: 11AM





This event will be best of 3, swiss rounds with a top 8 playoff cut same day. Top 16 players will still win prizes. Standard Konami end of match procedures, Lightning Overdrive will be legal.


5 Lightning Overdrive Packs


1st Place: - 4 Lightning Overdrive Booster Boxes
2nd Place: - 2 Lightning Overdrive Booster Boxes
3rd-4th Place: - 1 Lightning Overdrive Booster Boxes
5th-8th Place: - 12 Lightning Overdrive Booster Packs
9th-16th Place: - 6 Lightning Overdrive Booster Packs

Pre-registration is highly encouraged for guaranteed seating and to to guarantee special promotion materials, we expect to sell out.

Cap is 88 players.

Day 2 Half Case Sunday - June 6th, 2020




Entry: $20
Registration: 12PM-1:45PM
Round 1 Start: 2PM


1st Place: - 2 Lightning Overdrive Booster Boxes
2nd Place: - 1 Lightning Overdrive Booster Box
3rd-4th Place: -  18 Lightning Overdrive Booster Packs
5th-8th Place: - 9 Lightning Overdrive Booster Packs

- Face covering must be worn at all times by every guest.
- Only guests participating in the tournament along with staff will be allowed in store.
- Temperature checks will be conducted prior to entrance in store.
- Additional hand sanitizing stations will be made available for all guests.
- Credit/Debit card or Apple Pay/Google Pay/PayPal/Zelle/Cashapp/Venmo will be the preferred method of payment in order to reduce contact between guests and staff.
- During game play only the deck owner may come in contact with their deck.
*If the opposing player isn’t satisfied with the shuffle then a Judge wearing gloves may be called to shuffle the deck.
*If the opposing player has a question of a certain card they may either have the deck owner hold or place the card upright so that they may review it or may review it via the online database.