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About this event
Join us online for the One Piece Online Regional on Sunday October 15th for a full day of gaming offering exclusive prizing!

Deck Registration Form:
Deadline: 11PM EST Saturday, October 14th.

Round 1 starts at 10AM EST Sunday, October 15th


Event Registration:

You will receive an access code a week before the event that will allow you to register onto BCP 

Swiss rounds, Best of 1, 40 min rounds + 5 min overtime.

There will be no top cut for this event.
Prize List


Sleeves -Standard Gold- (10pcs) x1

・Sleeves -Black- (10pcs) x1

・Gold DON!! Card x1

・Online Regional Participation Pack Vol.2 x1

・DON!! Card Pack Vol.1 x1

・Event Pack vol.2 x1

TOP 128

・Event Pack vol.2 x1

・Sleeves -Boa Hancock- (10pcs) x1

TOP 64

・OP02-008 Jozu (Alt-Art) x1

Top 32

・Online Regional 2023 Finalist Card Set Vol.2 x1

・Finalist Playmat x1

・OP03-013 Marco (Alt-Art) x1

Top 16

・OP02-004 Edward Newgate (Alt-Art) x1

・2 ROUND BYE at Bandai One Piece Nationals

2nd Place

・Gold DON!! Card x10

・ST01-120 Shanks Serial Number Card x1


・Online Regional 2023 Champion Card Set Vol.2 x1

・Champion Playmat x1

・Gold DON!! Card x10

・ST01-120 Shanks Serial Number Card x1

・Booster Box x1

*You must play a minimum of three rounds in order to receive any prizing for this event. 

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