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Tickets on Sale: June 25th at 12PM EST
About this event
Join us in Knoxville, TN for the One Piece September Offline on September 22nd,23rd, and 24th for a full weekend of gaming offering exclusive prizing!
Knoxville Convention Center
Hall B
701 Henley St, Knoxville, TN 37902
Deck Registration Form:

Deadline: 11PM  Friday, September 22nd.
Event Registration:
You must complete event check-in IN PERSON to be added to the BCP Event 
Special Exceptions will be made for those that are unable to check-in on Friday with proof of travel restrictions. Please be attentive to your email and the PPG Events Discord as we will be providing further instructions for the check-in process
Discord Link

Doors open Friday at 11AM
Check in starts at 11AM - 9PM  Friday, September 22nd
(Must Check in during this time or will be dropped)
Side Events start at 12PM  Friday, September 22nd

Doors open Saturday at 8AM
Round 1 starts at 10AM  Saturday, September 23rd
Doors open Sunday at 8AM
Top Cut starts at 8AM Sunday, September 24th
Side Events start at 10AM  Sunday, September 24th

Swiss rounds, Best of 1, 35
min rounds + 5 min overtime.

OP04 WILL be legal for all events & there will be multiple vendors on site
with Sealed & Singles for sale starting Friday.


**On Demand - 8 Man Pods ALL weekend long **

Friday 12PM - Chopper Side Event
Friday 1PM - 3 on 3 Case Tournament
Friday 5PM - Case Tournament
Friday 7PM - Buddy Battle Side Event

Saturday 2PM - Chopper Side Event
Saturday 6PM - Buddy Battle Side Event 
Saturday 7PM - Chopper Side Event
Saturday 8PM - Buddy Battle Side Event

Sunday 10AM - Chopper Side Event
Sunday 12PM - Chopper Side Event
Sunday 2PM - Buddy Battle Side Event
Sunday 5PM - Chopper Side Event
Sunday 7PM - Buddy Battle Side Event

**There will be additional side events Friday-Sunday as supplies last**
Prize List
Regional Storage x1
Sleeve -Black- x1
Gold Don!! Card x1
Offline Regional Participation Pack Vol.1 x1
DON!! Card Pack Vol.2 x1
Event Pack Vol.2 x1

TOP 128
Event Pack Vol.2 x1
Sleeve -Nami-(10pcs) x1

TOP 64
OP02-114 Borsalino (Alt-Art) x1

Top 32
Offline Regional 2023 Finalist Card Set x1
Finalist Playmat x1
OP02-096 Kuzan (Alt-Art) x1

Top 16
2 ROUND BYE at Bandai One Piece Nationals
*Events that surpass 800 players will give out  the Two- Round Bye to Top 32
OP02-099 Sakazuki (Alt-Art) x1

Top 8
ST01-001 Monkey.D.Luffy Serial Number Card x1

2nd Place
Gold Don!! Card x10

Offline Regional 2023 Champion Card Set x1
Champion Playmat
Gold Don!! Card x10
Booster Box x1

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