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PPG Events One Piece February Treasure Cup
Top 16 Results


Top 16

  1. Giovanni Ragusa - Charlotte Katakuri OP03-099

  2. Anthony Taylor - Sakazuki OP05-041

  3. Andrew McCluskey - Monkey.D.Luffy OP05-060

  4. Koty Angeloff - Sakazuki OP05-041

  5. Ted Zimmerman - Sakazuki OP05-041

  6. Alejandro Mendoza - Charlotte Katakuri OP03-099

  7. Holden Miller - Sakazuki OP05-041

  8. Arvind Velusamy - Sakazuki OP05-041

  9. Jake Truong - Monkey.D.Luffy OP05-060

  10. Jaime Castillo - Enel OP05-098

  11. Dylan Hall - Sakazuki OP05-041

  12. Jared Strah - Monkey.D.Luffy OP05-060

  13. Austin Cortina - Monkey.D.Luffy OP05-060

  14. Ying Huang - Sakazuki OP05-041

  15. Yazan Habashy - Sakazuki OP05-041

  16. Adrian Caspe - Charlotte Katakuri OP03-099                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Top 16 Deck Distribution

8x Sakazuki OP05-041
4x Monkey.D.Luffy OP05-060
3x Charlotte Katakuri OP03-099
1x Enel OP05-098

Total Deck Distribution

170x Sakazuki OP05-041
85x Enel OP05-098
65x Monkey.D.Luffy OP05-060
55x Charlotte Katakuri OP03-099
50x Uta ST11-001
20x Roronoa Zoro OP01-001
15x Monkey D Luffy ST10-002
10x Edward Newgate OP02-001
8x Nami  OP03-040
5x Queen OP04-040
5x Trafalgar Law ST10-001
4x Crocodile ST03-001
3x Sakazuki ST06-001
3x Charlotte Linlin ST07-001
2x Portgas D. Ace OP03-001
2x Magellan OP02-071
2x Crocodile OP04-058
1x Smoker  OP02-093
1x Eustass "Captain" Kid ST02-001
1x Yamato ST09-001
1x Kuro OP03-021
1x Rebecca OP04-039
1x Donquixote Doflamingo OP04-019
1x Rob Lucci OP03-076
1x Kin'emon OP02-025



Event Details

February 10th, 2024 online PPG Events

512 Players

9 Rounds of Swiss

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