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About this event
This Regional event will kick off online, and offer players the chance to secure their invite to the Final Championships from the safety of their own home!
You’ll want to train to become the very best on the road to the inaugural World Championships!


To Enter You MUST Join Discord

Player limit: 158 players, first come, first served. Due to our Player Size Capacity and guaranteed prize payout all entry sales are FINAL.

Round 1 starts Saturday, 9/25/21 at 12PM EST.
Constructed, Best of 3, 60 minute rounds, 10 minute Extra Turns, Top Cut # TBD.
Upon completion of the final round, players will have 2 minutes to verify their final
standings and then the Top Cut Playoffs will commence on Day 2 at 12PM EST.
The higher seeded player will determine who goes first.
Prize List
- Play Mat ×1
- Championship Pack 2021 Vol.3 x5
- Event Pack 08 ×3

Top 25%:
- Championship Pack 2021 Vol.3 ×2

Top Cut:
- Winner Play Mat ×1
- Championship Pack 2021 Vol.3 ×4
- Event Pack 08 ×2
- Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol.3 ×1
- Finals Invite (certificate)
(North America and Europe [English] Only)
- Card Case ×1

Top 4
- Finals 1 Round Bye
- Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol.3 ×3
- Booster Box of a recent set(TO to supply) ×1

- Championship Pack 2021 Vol. 3 Gold Stamp Set ×1

Date and Time
SAT, September 25th, 2021, 12:00pm


Event Cost

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