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Main Event Participation Tickets will become available (TBA)

About this event:

Join us at the Lorcana North America Challenge in Texas

Illumineers from across North America will gather at (TBD LOCATION) on July 20th-21st  to compete for the title of “Challenge Champion” and vie for exclusive prizes.

In addition to the prestige of becoming a “Challenge Champion,” top-performing Illumineers will earn various rewards and exclusive items. Furthermore, successful participants will secure qualifications for future Lorcana invite-only events, with more details to follow.
Secure your spot in the tournament by pre-registering online and claim your ticket.

Entry into the venue for visitors is free and there will be various side events, vendors and activities available! 

See you in Texas!



Deck Registration Form:



Round 1 starts at 10AM LOCAL TIME 
Saturday, July 20th

*Time subject to change*

Venue is not open to all, you MUST have a player or spectator badge to enter venue 

*HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to Check-In Friday, July 19th from 12PM LOCAL TIME-8PM LOCAL TIME*

9 rounds of Swiss*
Games will be played in 2-game Rounds.**
End of the day the Top-32 players will proceed to Top Cut

Top 32 players Single Elimination
Day-2 games will be played in Best-Of-3 Rounds

** 2-Game Rounds consist of the following rules:

  • A round is 2 games long or until time is called. (following the standard end-of-round procedures)

  • A player earns 1 point for their ranking per game they win in the round.

  • If a player wins both games, they earn an additional bonus point for a total of 3 points in the round.

  • At the start of the match when a die is rolled, the winner of this roll decides whether they want to start game 1 or game 2 of their match. The other player will start the match that is not selected by the winner of the die roll.



*You must play a minimum of three rounds in order to receive any prizing for this event. 

Refund Policy:
Ticket is refundable up to 7 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT.

After that your ticket is non-refundable.

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