WELCOME TO our Online Webcam Weekly for DIGIMON! Now accessible from the comfort of your own home. You must pre-register and JOIN the Discord using the following links. PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL THE INFORMATION CAREFULLY.

To Enter You MUST Join Discord!

This Event will be hosted using the Swiss format, best of 3 games, 50 Minute rounds. There will be no top cut playoff for this event.

Tournament Prizing
All money used for entry will go towards/into the pot payout will be in PPG store credit that can be used on all of our singles, sealed products, accessories, and more 

Player Expectation
All players are expected to know the contents of their Decks and reasonably know how they interact with each other and with other cards. As a result, all players are expected to play at a reasonable pace. All cards must be kept in camera view at all times. Failure to do so may result in a Game Loss. Hands should generally be kept in camera view whenever possible. If a hand(s) leaves the camera view, the hand should be shown to the camera, palm up, before touching any of the cards. This is to ensure that the hand is empty and no outside elements are being introduced to the match in progress.

It is the player’s responsibility to ensure they are playing with a stable enough internet connection. To ensure every match is played as fair as possible, any disconnects that occur during the course of an ongoing game, will be subject to a Game Loss for that current game. 

End of Match Procedures
If time is called while players are in between games, compare the number of games won by each player. If they have both won the same number of games, the match is declared a draw. If one player has won more games than the other, that player is declared the winner of the match. If time is called while players are in the middle of a game, the current game must have a decision of win, loss, or draw. To resolve the current game, players follow the following steps: 1. Players play an additional three turns, with the current (active) player’s turn becoming turn 0. The second player’s turn will be considered turn 1, followed by the first player’s turn 2, and then back to the second player for the third and final turn. 2. If neither player has won at the end of those extra turns, the game is declared a draw. A time limit of 5 minutes is applied to extra turns to ensure the ongoing smooth operation of the tournament event. A draw will be declared if time expires with no clear winner.

Card Legality
Refer to official Bandai list 

For all Digimon events, we will be using the Best Coast Pairings Player app. Please download the app from your app store. You must pay here to register and participate in the event:https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/1tmm8em9
Any results not reported within this time, will result in Double Game Loss and players will be dropped from the event.
Contact us
Have any questions? Send us an email at info@ppgeventmanagement.com

Date and Time
FRI, May 6th 2022, 7:30 PM EST

ONLINE (Webcam)

Event Cost