About this event
Join us as our Pro-Play Tour goes to TCG CON at the  Florida State Fairgrounds for a full day of gaming! Pre-registration is highly encouraged for guaranteed seating.

Player limit:
Player cap is 50

Badge required to access the venue, please plan accordingly.
Pre-registration is highly encouraged for guaranteed seating and to guarantee special promotion materials, we expect to sell out.

FORMAT: This Event will be hosted using Best of 1, 
No Mulligan
3v3 Rules:
• Up to 4 cards with the same card number can be used by the team. Up to 1 card can be used by the team for the 1-card limit card. Up to 50 “Eosmon – BT6-085” can be used by a team.
• There is no sharing of cards in play. Each player uses their board and cannot cross between opponents.
Team Wars Format
• Team Wars is a special format where players work together to win! Each team is comprised of three players who battle against the respective members of the opposing team.
Team Assignments
• Players need to register their team and decide who is Player A, Player B and Player C. These positions cannot be changed and are fixed until the end of the tournament.
• When determining matchups, Player A will always play against Player A of the opposing team, Player B will always play against Player B of the opposing team and Player C will always play against Player C.
Match Format
• A team needs to win two of three games to be declared the winner.
Game Structure
• Team’s will need to win 2 games to be declared the winner. This event is BO1 Matches for each player.
Match Time: 30 Minutes (End of time procedure will be followed based on Digimon TCG Rules)
• Players are  allowed to coach their fellow team members during matches. 


1st Place

5 Booster Boxes + Invitational Invite

2nd Place
3 Booster Boxes + Invitational Invite

3rd-4th Place
2 Booster Boxes + Invitational Invite

Date and Time
Day 1 - Saturday - August 27th, 2022
Doors will open at 10AM
Registration: 10AM-1PM
Round 1 Start: 1PM

Florida State Fairgrounds
4800 US-301
Tampa, FL 33610

Event Cost
$20.00- per player