Date: May 15th
Start time: 2PM EDT
Price: $20


Singles, Constructed, 60 minute, best of 3 game matches. Swiss rounds or until there is a clear winner. Invites to 1st & 2nd place plus Bandai prizing! Only 8 participation prizes are available and will be raffled to 8 players still in the tournament during round 2.


(limited quantity available, random raffle)
- Championship Pack 2021 Vol.1 ×2
- Event Pack 07 ×2


- Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol.1 ×1
- Final Invite (no certificate)


2nd Place:
- Final Invite (no certificate)

Finals invites are not passed down if a player already holds a Final Championship invite. The minimum number of players must attend the event for the invite to be granted.

It is mandatory for players to have a BCC ID to receive an invite.