About this event
Welcome to the 2022 Digimon Card Game Regional Championship season!.

Tickets will go up 
Please note this event is capped at 128 Players. ​Be sure to REGISTER early to secure your spot. There will be NO onsite registration. All players MUST register online. Reminder this event will take place at OTAKON and for anyone playing or spectating you will need to purchase an entry badge 

Round 1 starts Saturday, 09/17/22 at 11AM
Top cut will play it out day 2
Sunday, 09/18/22 at 11AM


This Event will be hosted using Best of 3 No Mulligan, No Sideboard, Number of rounds and top cut is based on number of players

New to Bandai Card Game Tournaments:
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x1 2022 Championship Digi-Egg Sleeve Set
x1 2022 Championship Memory Gauge
x1 2022 Regionals Participation Card Set
x1 2022 Event Pack 2

Top 128:
x1 Event pack 2
Top 64:
x1 Event pack 2

Top 32:
x1 2022 Regionals Finalist Set
x1 2022 Championship Deck Case

Top 16:
[North America Only] x1 2022 Finals Invite

Top 8:
x1 2021 Online Regionals Finalist Set

Top 2:
x1 2021 Online Regionals Champion Card Set

x1 2022 Regionals Champion Card Set
x1 2022 Champion Playmat
x1 Booster Box

Side Events

Digimon 3 v 3:

Round 1: Starts Sunday, 09/18/22 at 12PM

This Event will be hosted using Best of 1, No Mulligan
3v3 Rules:
• Up to 4 cards with the same card number can be used by the team. Up to 1 card can be used by the team for the 1-card limit card. Up to 50 “Eosmon – BT6-085” can be used by a team.
• There is no sharing of cards in play. Each player uses their board and cannot cross between opponents.
Team Wars Format
• Team Wars is a special format where players work together to win! Each team is comprised of three players who battle against the respective members of the opposing team.
Team Assignments
• Players need to register their team and decide who is Player A, Player B and Player C. These positions cannot be changed and are fixed until the end of the tournament.
• When determining matchups, Player A will always play against Player A of the opposing team, Player B will always play against Player B of the opposing team and Player C will always play against Player C.
Match Format
• A team needs to win two of three games to be declared the winner.
Game Structure
• Team’s will need to win 2 games to be declared the winner. This event is BO1 Matches for each player.
Match Time: 30 Minutes (End of time procedure will be followed based on Digimon TCG Rules)
• Players are not allowed to coach their fellow team members during matches. 

5-8th Place:
1 Booster Box

3-4th Place:
2 Booster Boxes

2ND Place:
3 Booster Boxes

1ST Place:

5 Booster Boxes

Date and Time
SAT, Sept 17th, 2022, 11:00 AM EST.

Kansas City Convention Center
301 W 13th St Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64105

Event Cost