About this event
Join us as our Yu-Gi-Oh! Join us for a full day of gaming and a chance to win some invites to the Pro-Play Tour

Players must submit a photo of their physical deck via google form which we will email 2 days prior to the event, together with a name and date stamp.
A Judge will complete random deck checks during the tournament to ensure the physical deck matches the one used via the online program.
This event is capped at 128 Players.
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/5nhk8wX8jd

Player Cap is 88 players.
Pre-registration is highly encouraged for guaranteed seating and to guarantee special promotion materials, we expect to sell out.
This event will be best of 3, swiss rounds with a top 8 playoff cut same day. Top 16 players will still win prizes. Standard Konami end of match procedures.
Prize List
4 Booster Packs


1st Place:

4 Booster Boxes + 1st place playmat
2nd Place:
2 Booster Boxes + Top 8 playmat
3rd-4th Place:
1 Booster Boxes + Top 8 playmat
5th-8th Place:
12 Booster Packs + Top 8 playmat
9th-16th Place:
6 Booster Packs

- Face covering must be worn at all times by every guest.
- Only guests participating in the tournament along with staff will be allowed in store.
- Temperature checks will be conducted prior to entrance in store.
- Additional hand sanitizing stations will be made available for all guests.
- Credit/Debit card or Apple Pay/Google Pay/PayPal/Zelle/Cashapp/Venmo will be the preferred method of payment in order to reduce contact between guests and staff.
- During game play only the deck owner may come in contact with their deck.
*If the opposing player isn’t satisfied with the shuffle then a Judge wearing gloves may be called to shuffle the deck.
*If the opposing player has a question of a certain card they may either have the deck owner hold or place the card upright so that they may review it or may review it via the online database.

Date and Time
SAT, February 22th, 2022, 2:00PM

Pro-Play Games
1405 SW 107 AVE STE202C, Miami, FL 33174

Event Cost