September 27th

Start time: 12PM EDT

Check-in and deck list submission in Discord is required 1 hour before start time.

Only Vanguard ZERO Players with an Invite on the list below may register for this invite-only Players Championship.

Any other player registering will be dropped & banned.

There are a limited number of invites to be collected throughout the season, make sure to earn your spot by competing and placing in one of our events. 

The tournament format will be Best of 3, Swiss, 2 deck format

    • Cut to top 8

      • Players must win 2 games with 2 different decks.

      • Players will have to submit both their deck lists prior to the tournament to monitor which player is using what deck.

    • Video recording for the top 8 games to finals IS REQUIRED

  • Explanation of 2 deck format

    • Players must enter with 2 DIFFERENT Clan Decks

    • Correct: Kagero, Royal Paladin

    • Incorrect: Kagero, Kagero

    • Players must win with both decks to proceed

      •  In the event of a 1-1 score, both players will play with the deck that they lost with!

      • Example:

        • Game 1: Player 1 (Kagero) Win VS Player 2 (Royal Paladin) Lose

        • Game 2: Player 1 (Nova Grappler) Lose VS Player 2 (Kagero) Win

        • Game 3: Player 1 (Nova Grappler) VS Player 2 (Royal Paladin)


1st Place: 10,000 Gems
2nd Place: 5,000 Gems
3rd Place: 3,000 Gems
4th Place: 2,000 Gems
5 - 8th Place: 1,000 Gems  

The Rules

You must be in the appropriate Discord channel for communication and announcements

The tournament will be played with open decklists, that means you will have access to your opponent’s exact deck during each match. This is necessary to ensure players can’t change their deck during the tournament, and also supposed to further reduce the variance that’s caused by a best of one format.

For detailed information about tournament procedures and rules, check out

The Rules & Procedure Document

You are obliged to read the document if you participate in the tournament as it contains a lot of important information.

Useful Links & Information

Discord Required! Join Here 

Example Decklist Format: Look Here