Come Digivolve with us!
August 2021


$20 for Main Event Registration

Registration Link:  [coming soon!]
Come Digivolve with us!
6 Boxes Guaranteed in Prizing!
Time: August 21st @ 2PM
Format: Standard, Swiss, Best of 3. 

Participation: 2 packs on entry 

- 6 Boxes of Battle of Omni to Top 8 Players
- Pro-Play Tour Digimon Invitational Invites to Top 16
- Pro-Play Tour Top Playmats

1st: 48 Packs + Winner Mat + Invitational Invite
2nd: 36 Packs + Top 8 Playmat + Invitational Invite
3rd/4th: 14 Packs + Top 8 Playmat + Invitational Invite
5th/8th: 8 Packs + Top 8 Playmat + Invitational Invite
9th/16th: Invitational Invite


*Shipping is included with entry fee, and only qualifies for prizing with the participation of at least 3 rounds. Due to being unable to ship prizes internationally, this event will be for North American Players only. There are absolutely no refunds for this event.